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22 January 2009

I Hate Illinois Nazis (Arizona Ones Too)

There are some awfully strange, romantic notions about so-called small town life: the residents are purer of heart, relationships are stronger, citizens are not as swept up in the churning seas of materialism as their big-city counterparts.

Here in my small town, the local (and only) newspaper invited readers to comment on President Obama's inauguration. Following are some of the more stark reactions, and sadly they outnumbered the positive ones:

I hope that he is true in his words... How ever he has started out slightly shady (with the lack of papers, or should I say the unwillingness to show the documents requested) and the company that he keeps. I for one have a hard time to trust someone that wants to lead this country but does not believe in the flag that so many brave sons and daughters died to protect. His wife so proudly stated that she has never be proud of this country untill now, and that she to has participated in the burning of this nation's flag.

If socialism, atheism, abortion, gun control, and reverse prejudice is what you want, you just got it.

Well apparently 7 years without a terrorist attack are not good enough for all of the "Bush Bashers" out there. I'm not even a die hard W fan but the way that he has been disrespected in his last few days have been appalling. For someone who is apparently for "middle class" society he definitely had no problem spending 150 million tax dollars for his inauguration. First day, already overspending tax dollars.

You know what???? I am disgusted at Prescott High School for making our children watch this...My child on her own decided she did not like the teacher telling kids that this is such a great day we should make it a holiday that she got up and left the class. The teacher then had the audacity to tell my Daughter she was dissss-respectful??? I am frankly sick of the PHS treating this man as a god. He is not MLK or any other great former President. He just a politician that paid his way into office. What happened to keeping politics out of school???

He lied to get into office. The last I looked Thou shalt not lie is still in the Ten Commandments just like thou shalt not murder. Both are equally as bad. He may be a god in your minds although he is not God! I do hope he does what is good for America although we only heard him lie so far. He is now the commander and chief elected by Democrats. The same rude people who are Bush Bashers. I would not want to be the leaders of such a rude and disrespectful group of people.


The ascendancy of Obama to the throne will go down in history as the day that freedom in America took (another) giant step toward totalitarianism.

In most all schools evolution is shoved down the throats of our student and over 70 percent of the population believe in Creationism and NOT evolution, but it is still taught and creationism is "illegal" to be taught in schools. So if one thing is taught then I think the other should be as well regardless. Freedom of speach and RELIGiON people!

I did not watch the coronation of Obama yesterday. I do not consider it to be a serious moment in history either. If he was a real black person instead of a mixed race person I would have considered it historical.

What does his mixed breed race have anything to do politics? Everybody keeps playing the race card and calling him the first black president. He's not truly black. He has a white mother and was raised in a white family. I say he is more white than he is black.


  • At 8:21 PM, Blogger brandtbl said…

    Why those sound like fine down-home folks. I just spent a few minutes reading the other comments there, and by golly there is some great discourse going on. Fabulous stuff, really.


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